Nostalgic Impulse: The Book Illustrations of Marc Chagall 08.06.23 in Berlin, Lettrétage

Donnerstag 08.06.23
Einlass: 18:30, Beginn: 19:00
Lettrétage, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin

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Presentation and conversation

Jessie Kerspe explores how the visualization of nostalgic ideas and the interaction of text and images emerged in Chagall's work. Taking the three books illustrated by Chagall as a trilogy, one can represent the artist's triple identity as French, Jewish, and Russian. At the same time, Chagall's engagement with contemporary nostalgic discussion can be opened up.

Jessie Kerspe, also Shu Hussuan Kuo, was born in Taipe, Taiwan. Before leaving Taiwan for further studies, she published two monographs, THE SECRET OF ILLUSTRATIONS and ART IN DIAGRAMS. After being awarded a Ph.D. by Leiden University, Kerspe has been working as a researcher and assistant professor at well-known Taiwanese institutes. Her other publications include LIFE FRAME, VICCISITUDES OF LIFE IN GRAPHIC NOVELS und HOUNG DOU TANG AND SCHWARZBROT.